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Can't connect to AnimeKisa?
Your internet service provider is really likely to be blocking you from accessing AnimeKisa. Here are two solutions:

1. Change your device's DNS resolver to Cloudflare's to get around your ISP's rules: Setup guide
2. Run a VPN like Windscribe. It comes with 10GB of bandwitdh for free each month and if you go premium it's much cheaper than alternatives like ExpressVPN.

AnimeKisa, what is it?

AnimeKisa is a place where you can enjoy anime that usually would not be available to you due to region restrictions on regular platforms such as CrunchyRoll. AnimeKisa however acts like a search engine similarly to google, it uses does bots to crawl several places on the internet to get links to third party players that host the files, the difference is that AnimeKisa focuses only on anime and in organizing it in a nice way.

Who can use AnimeKisa?

Everyone. Unfortunatly some countries, instead of going after the people that upload and distribute the anime, ban AnimeKisa. For that there we've written a workaround above.

What is better, subbed or dubbed anime?

It all comes down to personal preference, but subbed anime usually comes out much sooner than dubbed anime leading to it having a bigger audience.

When will AnimeKisa add a new episode of my anime?

Episodes come out weekly usually, exceptions are if the anime has ended or sometimes studios skip a week when they're behind schedule.